Our Story

LOGOIdeally located a few short kilometres north of Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. and 6 kilometres south of Windermere, B.C., the Lakeshore Resort and Campground is 100 per cent owned and operated by the –akis“nuk First Nation.

The –akis“nuk First Nation is a vibrant, growing community nearly 300 members strong situated in the Columbia Valley, southeast British Columbia, Canada.

Located in an area of unparalleled natural beauty, ––akis“nuk First Nation neighbours the communities of Windermere to the north and Fairmont Hot Springs to the south. The –akis“nuk western border reaches along the pristine shores of Lake Windermere for 14 kilometres (nine miles). The eastern border of the band lies at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Members of the –akis“nuk First Nation are people of the Ktunaxa Nation, who for 10,000 years have spoken a unique language that cannot be linked to any other native language in North America. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa includes the Kootenay region of southeast British Columbia into parts of Alberta, Canada and the American States of Montana, Washington and Idaho.

The –akis“nuk First Nation is one of six sister bands, four of which are in Canada and two of which are in the United States.